Buro Seating

Buro Seating is a leading wholesaler of quality ergonomic seating in NZ and Australia. With over 20 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and wholesaling commercial seating, Buro has established a reputation for quality products and service

The brief from Keith Purcell (ChCh Warehouse Manager) was to supply a solution for the Christchurch warehouse aiming to increase warehouse capacity, improve efficiencies for stock rotation and create a bigger more functional dispatch area for the assembly and storage of stock whilst utilising as much of their existing racking and shelving as possible.

The Christchurch design team of George Simpkin and Jamie Auld worked closely with Keith to create a new layout, increasing the number of bays from 25 to 48 (90% increase in capacity), they reused 96% (28 out of 29) of the existing frames and 80% of the existing beams. Some of the excess frames and beams were also used to create a safety barrier within the despatch area.

The additional capacity was created by optimising the positioning of the racking to increase the usable space, this space was filled with Speedlock double deep and selective racking, increasing the storage dramatically. This change in layout created more space for the despatch area and allowed for the incorporation of two new Speedlock work benches in the design.

 Over a two-day process, stock was removed from the Buro warehouse, stored temporarily within the Dexion Supply Centre warehouse, while we began a systematic process of taking down, moving and re-assembling racking (old and new), that allowed Buro to continue operating with minimum disruption to business.

Keith and the team have been a pleasure to work alongside, with a clear direction, vision and excellent communication, we were able to achieve their goals, deliver on time and within budget.